IT Support Services

Fully Managed

Our premier services, we can offer full A-Z IT support, we strive to create a partnership, not just an IT support company.

As such we will look after all your needs, ensuring full monitoring and pro-active support is standard.

We will offer Tier 1-4 support

  • Tier 1, this is the jump-off point, and basic troubleshooting, normally done via the phone.
  • Tier 2, if tier 1 can’t fix the issue, our support analysts will delve further into the issue. Normally carried out via telephone and/or screen sharing.
  • Tier 3, this is for the issues that are a little more stubborn or server issues. At this level, our senior staff will be managing the process and may include site visits.
  • Tier 4, this is managing 3rd party relationship and escalation. This may include items such as Internet Providers. Don’t worry, we will keep on going until the issue is resolved.

Although we mention sites visits will take place at tier 3, we will come in normally weekly to do a hands-on check, and touch base with the staff.

With this support you can also look to add a member of staff to your office if you wish, just get in touch and we can talk this through with you.

Adhoc Support

With Adhoc support you can call us when needed for support. Don’t worry you get the same 1st class service without the commitment.

We can offer add-ons to give you a higher peace of mind such as monitoring service so we can alert you when we see issues and then work with you to solves these issues

On-Site Support Staff

We can offer the following professional IT staff

  • Dedicated IT staff when remote support just isn’t enough
  • Additional support staff to enhance your own team, either to cover staff on holiday, sickness etc, or to help cover for projects

Contact us for further information, we will ensure we supply whats needed rather than just filling a gap.

Tel: +44 203 642 0873


24x7 Support Available