With over 30 years IT experience in different sized environments from systems with 15 users to those with over 450 users, you can be sure we have the knowledge and skill sets required to offer first class IT advice and support for your setup.

From a single office to multiple sites across the world, we know how to make IT work for you.
Support Engineers

With support available across London, the East Midlands and the South East, and remote support globally available.

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On-Site Engineers

We can provide Tessellate OS engineers to work on-site either full-time or for project work

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Web Services

With digital and online experience and services we can protect your website and offer global CDN delivery

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Unique Support

We offer fast responsive support across London, the East Midlands and South East.

We offer onsite support for part of the week, and at other times phone/remote support.

This means you get to see a face.

It is very frustrating to talk to impersonal call centres who have no idea what your machine is running, let alone what it is plugged into.

Our onsite IT guys are actually willing to mingle with people. You can meet with them at the beginning of the day to discuss your concerns / ideas for new requirements / that new technology you saw in the paper that morning / what happened to your cat.

We will never call in sick – you may not always see the same face but you are guaranteed to have someone who actually knows what equipment you have and what it plugs into.

After years in the media industry we know how hectic your days can be, and what pressures surround those last minute pitches, so we know what level of support is required to make sure you can deliver when needed.

We will be there, on time, and ready to work with you to make sure your business has what it needs for you and on-behalf of your clients.

Support Expertise

Windows, Linux and Mac servers.
Domain and email management.
Office 365.
Desktops and Laptops on all platforms.
Network switches, routers and firewalls.
Backup systems and off-site recovery plans.
Offsite backup/data replication.

Security and Virus protection.
Hardware and software updates.
Remote access.
Internet access restriction & monitoring.
Website hosting / maintenance.
Digital Media.
Phone systems.
Cloud Platforms.

Digital Expertise

Private Cloud Hosting
AWS Management
Azure Management
Leading Web Applications
Web Application Firewall
Content Delivery Network
Global LoadBalancing

Spam Protection
Global DNS Delivery

Tel: +44 203 642 0873


24x7 Support Available