Hosting and Web Application Delivery

Virtual Private Servers

With a word class data centre, we can offer a fully managed hosting environment. From IIS, to LAMP stack we have it all covered and available in minutes.


With over 15 years of hosting experience, we know what it takes to maximise uptime and global reach.



Old fashioned hosting using modern technology, we use the latest high-spec servers and provide virtual private servers that are able to cope with the most demanding sites.


We never over provision our servers, and ensure that there are enough overheads to handle peaks on all our infrastructure. Further details on VPS


We protect and accelerate small single-page sites right up to vast, high-traffic corporate juggernauts.


Using our Platform Agnostic & scalable load-balancing infrastructure, we can ensure your site stays online; serves content quicker and benefits from better search rankings. Further details on PALSS 



With our worldwide distribution network, we ensure that we can deliver your content from the closest point of presence to your client, using a backbone of high-performance networks.


Using redundant links back to your origin server, we provide high-speed, fault-tolerant, reliable delivery for your sites. Further details on CDN

Advanced Spam Protection & Email Security

With over 15 years of spam filtering under our belt, we believe we offer not only exception protection levels, but we also understand that it’s not as simple as blocking incoming spam.

We specialise in working with your company to protect your brand, this involves monitoring outgoing emails to make sure you aren’t distributing spam, but also we work to make sure other can’t send mail pretending to be you, all of which can have a negative impact.

This involves working closely with you, not just selling a product and walking away. Further details on email protection

Bag Of Frogs

All of the above services are offered through our specialist hosting service called Bag Of Frogs, for more details please via our dedicated site or contact us directly for more information

Bag Of Frogs