Bag Of Frogs

Bag of Frogs is our proprietary system for ensuring the maximum uptime for your websites along with high-performance professional hosting services.


We protect and accelerate small single-page sites right up to vast, high-traffic corporate juggernauts. Using our Platform Agnostic & scalable load-balancing infrastructure, we can ensure your site stays online; serves content quicker and benefits from better search rankings.


With our worldwide distribution network, we ensure that we can deliver your content from the closest point of presence to your client, using a backbone of high-performance networks. Using redundant links back to your origin server, we provide high-speed, fault tolerant, reliable delivery for your sites.

VPS Hosting

Old fashioned hosting using modern technology, we use the latest high-spec servers and provide virtual private servers that are able to cope with the most demanding sites. We never over provision our servers, and ensure that there are enough overheads to handle peaks on all our infrastructure.

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